Ginger's blogs:

To my LA & OC clients:  I enjoyed working with you.  Thank you for making it a special birthday.  Stay in the Jesus' bubble (repent/release/forgive).  Persevere when doing your maintenance homework.  You can do it!  Remember, with God it is easy.  Hope to see you again in August at the seminar.  I will send an email announcement pertaining to the event when it gets closer.  If I do not have your email, let me know.  Miss you guys already! 

Recently, we returned from Uganda, Africa.  We inaugurated 15 churches out in the bush (country).  Four of those churches where in the hills of Kenya.  It was beautiful.  We had 8 potential church planting meetings.  During this trip, 1,500 people asked Jesus to be their Savior for the first time.  It was a successful trip.  I look forward going back in the Fall.  I posted some  pictures.   Thank you to all who kept us in prayer.